Spring has officially sprung according to those in the know. I hear peak bluebonnet season is fast approaching near our Texas HQ. Where I'm writing this in the Midwest, daffodils, crocus, and tulips are popping up all over. As is severe weather.

At least one coworker's car was probably totalled by golf-ball sized hail in Dallas-Fort Worth tonight while a thunderstorm raged outside my window in Omaha (followed by snow hours later). 

Download our ebook to see how the right phone system can keep you in business no matter what.Any time the weather runs wild, I'm grateful for HUD. My team and I can work from anywhere with an internet connection. So it's no surprise using cloud-based systems is one of our tips for making disaster preparedness painless

Why is business continuity planning important, you ask? Any time staff and customers can't reach your business has real consequences. We found out almost 4 out of 100 people couldn't get to work for 13 or more days in the year prior due to weather-related or other business disruptions! Fifty-six percent reported losing at least one day.

How much would even one lost day cost your business if you couldn't make sure employees were safe or answer customer calls?

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