7 Reasons HUD is Your Answer to Better Business Collaboration

An August 2015 study conducted by Dimensional Research found that 83% depend on technology to collaborate. Two years later, one can assume that percentage has only grown. This study also tells us that Baby Boomers and Millennials think differently about which forms of communication are effective for them. This gap presents challenges for diverse businesses who need a unified and productive workforce. We've heard the trends loud and clear and believe we rise to the challenge with our collaboration tool, Heads Up Display™ (HUD).

Heads Up Display™ (HUD), helps teams be more efficient and effective, making it easier for them to select the best way to communicate. Our award-winning unified communications software also helps companies boost productivity, improve customer service and enables employees to work smarter no matter their communication style.

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Here are seven reasons HUD is your new favorite business tool:

1. Are you there?
 - Know if your co-worker is available to talk at a glance.

2. Easy Call Transfers
 - Just a drag and drop allows call transfers. Customize your transfer with a “cold”, “warm” or voicemail option

3. Instant Message ease
 - Skip the requisite small talk and inevitable voicemail. IM your colleague and enjoy the benefits of chat.

4. Video Collab
 - Skype is a poor quality business tool and Facetime prohibits screen share. HUD tool allows for Video Collaboration with all the built-in tools needed for business teamwork.

5. Visual Voicemail
 - With Voicemail transcription, know at a glance who called and what they need.

6. File sharing like a champ
 - Share files virtually anywhere. Files stored on your computer, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive and other file storage systems* can be shared in a click.

7. Click to Call
 - With our free browser extension, clicking a number while browsing the web instantly calls through your system

The uses for HUD are endless. There are as many ways to integrate HUD in our business communication style as there are business personalities. How do you HUD? Let us know in the comments.


NetFortris Team
About the author: NetFortris provides flexible, scalable, cloud-based voice and data communications customized with the exact security and compliance your business needs. Multi-level protection, cloud-based backup and bi-directional failover ensure business continuity while big data analytics with real-time service control improves your operational performance. NetFortris also serves its customers with carrier-grade networks, business and communications applications, and expert service. Our solution engineers work with you to design a fully managed and automated system tailored for your business.