Dear Valued Customer,

On September 18th, NetFortris will be rolling out a security update in preparation for upcoming Zoom security updates. As a Zoom partner, we want our Video Collaboration customers to be aware of these changes and guide you through the additional requirements.

Starting 09/18/20, all active Zoom meetings will now require a meeting password. If you are a Video Collaboration user today, all ‘Password’ fields will no longer be optional. Instead, all meetings created in HUD will require a password to be present, when starting a meeting or scheduling a future meeting.

To make these changes easier for you, we’ve updated HUD with a new meeting password management tool. Under your Personal Meeting ID (PMI), you will see a new password field. The ‘Copy’ and ‘Start’ buttons will be grayed out if a password is not present in the password field. This was done to make sure we are adhering to Zoom’s new security requirements.

User interface changes:

For existing customers, your PMI password field will need to be populated in order for you to start a meeting. You may go into the ‘Meeting’ section of HUD to view and modify this default password.



For users who want to schedule meetings in HUDweb, you will now notice the option for ‘meeting password’ is now mandatory.




Lastly, when hovering over a contact in HUDweb, the ‘Screen Share’ option will now use your PMI, instead of a randomly generated meeting ID. This will allow us to utilize the password assigned to your PMI. If a password is not set, an error message will pop up asking you to set a PMI password prior to using this feature.


How (and when) to use your new meeting password:

When scheduling ad hoc meetings, the password will be required to provide separately to participants of your video collaboration meetings. The password information will be visible for you to copy and send to participants.

Conducting meetings using your PMI will not require a separate password. Passwords will now be encrypted in the meeting URL for PMIs, which is also a new feature. Participants will be able to click the URL and enter the meeting immediately, just as they would do before this change.

We hope that these new changes are easy to manage and not disruptive to you and your users. We at NetFortris embrace these changes, because it means more safety and security for our customers. If you do have any questions or issues related to these changes, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Thank you.

Steven Horgan

Director, Product Management