Every once in a while, a film fuels a fever pitch of fan-demonium long before its released. Take "Jurassic World," for example. As much as we’re anticipating what the main big bad dinosaur will look like, the franchise’s more than 20 year history of characters being cut off from communication got us thinking about lessons businesses can learn from the new trailer.

Maybe we’re obsessed with unified communications (UC), but our own objective evaluation revealed the entire teaser is one big allegory about the opportunity to improve your business through the power of UC – and the perils of poor communication technology. Follow along as we revisit 13 moments we see as clear signs for those considering upgrading the DNA of the sequel to their business phone system:

1. "It's not about control. It's a relationship based on respect." 

Chris Pratt kicks off the trailer with this line. Since he's standing in front of some dinosaurs when he says it, you may be tempted to think that the quote applies only to dino-training. We think Pratt’s statement also applies to the relationship between businesses and their phone system providers. The best providers work with you to provide a solution that helps your business achieve your goals. For example, Fonality offers both hybrid PBX and pure cloud hosted solutions as well as multiple additional service, equipment, and phone options for a customized solution. Reporting is also key so business owners and IT professionals have the data they need to evaluate system and employee performance.

2. "Every time we've unveiled a new attraction, attendance has spiked." 

Bryce Dallas Howard's character, who seems to be part of the corporate management team, says this as a throng of visitors excitedly take in an exhibit featuring a monstrous sea dinosaur. Our customers tell us implementing office technology that makes collaboration is a lot like adding an amusement park attraction. They’ve seen spikes in productivity, customer service and even sales. All without the risk posed by raptors.

3. "Corporate felt genetic modification would up the 'wow' factor." 

Also from Howard's character, this line clearly refers to the idea that Jurassic Park has evolved its dinosaurs to make them more impressive to visitors. Likewise, when your business upgrades outdated technology to a modern business phone solution, you can wow employees with things like the ability to see who’s available to talk and customers with contact center capabilities and faster service.

4. "What is that?" "Her tracking implant, she clawed it out." "How would she know to do that?" "She remembered where they put it in." 

Sure, it’s the first moment of true horror in the trailer. A massive dinosaur is on the loose in the park with suped up intelligence. That’s bad. A suped up VoIP phone system with UC? Much better.

5. Two kids screaming. 

That massive dinosaur claw inches from their heads is pretty scary stuff for those two kids. We think employees stuck with old-school telecommunications are almost as horrified when they realize they could have done a video conference instead of flying in for that 30-minute meeting.

6. "We've got 20,000 people. We've got no more boats." 

The park never planned for a situation where a packed-to-capacity crowd would need to be promptly shuttled off the island. Therefore, when the decisive moment arrived, they realized they weren't ready. Although not life and death, businesses without the kind of scalability offered by VoIP phone services may not be able to provide customers with the service they need. Take the restaurant chain that realized its franchisees were losing customers when they got busy signals on their traditional phone lines. They were throwing customers overboard before they’d even paid the price of admission.

7. So good, we took away two lessons.

Watch #6 again to see how dissatisfied the employee looks. Do your employees feel that way when they have to spend 30 minutes trying to schedule a meeting with someone who always seems to be on the phone? Or when a sales call gets to the office manager?

8. Work with the wild.

Yes; sometimes putting brand new technology in the mix of every-day activities can seem like a scary ordeal. But when the ultimate goals – easier and more effective communication, freedom to work from anywhere, and better service for customers to name a few – are made clear and supported by all, working with wild new technology becomes something everyone can run with. And with easy-to-use tools like Heads Up Display, they’ll be up and running almost as fast as the raptors. 

9.  "Something's wrong. They're communicating." 

When everyone in your business can quickly communicate with each other via chat, email, calls, and more, it’s anything but wrong. We’ve found that getting the right tools in front of employees can save up to two hours a day in productivity. That puts an end to several rounds of phone tag.

10. "We're talking about an animal here." 

How do our business phone systems work? That’s right, like a beast. 

11. Without order, confusion and mayhem ensue.

Does the pandemonium that grips the crowd look anything like your office when multiple phone lines start ringing all at once? With savvy communication solutions, you can ensure that the right calls go to the right people every time and reserve the panic to other things – like office breakfast.


12. Making any move isn’t the same as making the right move.

Everyone clearly wants to get off the island at this point. But if it’s only going to be as bad – if not worse – is it really worth the effort? If your business is considering an upgrade to your communication technology, make sure you consider the best solution, with the most advanced tools and features, so that you’re not just jumping from a bad situation to an “it could be worse” situation.  

13. The powerful will come out on top. 

In the end, your business phone system should make it simple for your business to be the top whale-dino-thing on the block. Choose the right provider and you get the power of great technology, convenient tools, and seamless integration into your communication activities, Choose the wrong provider, and *gulp*.

In the end, these 13 lessons we learned from the "Jurassic World" trailer add up to one thing. While we don’t recommend using technology to mutate dinosaur DNA, upgrading UC for your business is an upgrade virtually guaranteed to give customers and employees a better experience.

Ready to ditch your dinosaur of a phone system and learn what UC can do for you? We can help.