INBOUND 2016: What we’ve learned

Posted by Team NetFortris


Fonality CMO Jeff Valentine giving a presentation on.pngA good chunk of our marketing team flew from Dallas to Boston for HubSpot’s annual INBOUND conference. And not only did we get to hear our own CMO, Jeff Valentine, deliver an imaginative session called Mischief Managed: 5 Lessons of Managing Remote Teams, but we also got to sit in on dozens of illuminating breakout sessions and hear from several cutting-edge keynote speakers.

Here are a few of our biggest takeaways:


“I'm not usually one for motivational speakers at conferences, but a few of the presenters definitely sparked some inspiration for me. Sure, I learned some things I could immediately take action on (which are my favorite type of presentations) but listening to Michael Strahan speak, and hearing how genuinely excited he is about where he is in life, was pretty inspiring.

Many of the other speakers had the same enthusiasm for the projects they were presenting on. From the passion Jeff showed when speaking about his experiences with managing a remote workforce, to the guy who presented techniques for improving conversion rate optimization, it was an engaging conference to say the least.”

-Scott Logan, Email Marketing Specialist


“In her session ‘The Trick to Improving Content ROI: Make Your Content 3-D,’ Carrie Kerpen discussed the way different brands bring their content to life and create great stories that consumers can relate to, and better yet, become part of.

The first step to doing this is to really listen to the conversations already happening within your target audience. For example, for a project raising awareness for IBS testing, Kerpen and team put together a campaign asking people for their embarrassing side effect stories (laughing is the best medicine or misery loves company … take your pick). Because those conversations were already happening online, the client was able to tap into an active audience, and promote their services.

I shit you not; if it works for something like IBS awareness, it can work for your brand, too.”

-Tara Banda, Content Marketing Manager


“Each keynote speaker to the breakout sessions had something new, refreshing, and useful towards future projects. One thing that stood out was Michael Strahan’s work schedule and the way he tackles (no pun intended) each day, day in and day out. In the wise words of Mr. Strahan, "Work like you're broke". Let that resonate and watch it light a fire.” 

-Trinidad Gasca, Digital Marketing Manager


“In a particularly poignant session by HubSpot’s Daniel Tyre and Leslie Ye, I got an up-close-and-personal look at the enormous value of smarketing, a continuous collaboration between sales and marketing teams. As a marketer, I sit approximately 50 feet away from several of Fonality’s sales leaders who know our prospects and customers –  our audience – inside and out.

Your sales team is the key to audience insight. Talk to them. Ask questions. Find out what makes your audience tic and tweak your message. This will revolutionize the way you market your products and services and it’s as easy as walking over to a sales rep’s desk or sending out a quick email.”

-Kyley Del Bosque, Content Marketing Manager


“The idea that content has evolved further is a fascinating concept. It’s so simple, yet so complex. ‘Content’ vs ‘Context.’ This was a common theme among the sessions and touched on specifically during Brian Halligan’s keynote. It was my lightbulb moment that spurred so many new ideas throughout the rest of inbound. Our content marketing strategy has evolved so much this year. Becoming more personalized and inserting the right message into the right part of the interaction we have with customers and prospects is a huge effort. Looking ahead and taking that approach to a whole new level is so exciting!”

-Kristen Cruz, Senior Director, Digital Marketing