Posted by Jackson Mershon
Business phone solutions that are easy to use are hard to find
Learning a new phone is as hard as finances

TMCnet wrote a recent article on an Ovum study where it found that 35 percent of users don't work with business-provided communication tools when given the chance. Instead, employees frequently call with their own, self-selected options when choosing to contact business partners or co-workers, because they didn't like or didn't understand the tools that their employers had offered them. If 33 percent of the people you buy something for won't even use it when it is free for them, you have a serious problem with either your acquisitions department or with your training. This study was primarily concerned with business phone systems, but it proves that people don't like to use what they don't understand.

In order to avoid this phenomenon when you start using your new business phone system, be sure to set up a strong training program for your employees. They not only need to know how to make their new phones behave the same as their old phones, they also should understand why the services they are being provided is better than any other service, and why it is so useful for them as workers. Utilizing strong cloud-based services (cloud-based because, as No Jitter puts it, premises-based UC is dead,) with strong client support through the rollout is the best way to make sure that the people you buy a phone system for will actually use it.

No one wants to learn about using a new phone
Few people wake up in the morning, hoping that a task they thought they knew very well had suddenly changed and required them to re-learn everything. Getting a business phone system that is as close in style in terms of user interface as your old phone system is very important to ensure a strong employee adoption rate, as it appoints floor coaches or similar position to people who can be called on to help out those who are working on adapting to the new telecom system.

A large part of the iPhone and Android smartphone success may have been that people simply don't like learning new user interfaces, and both of those brands have highly standardized user interfaces. When you are ready to make in your company by adopting a new business phone system, make sure to find a vendor that provides strong user support to help employees through the tough times of not knowing how to access their voicemail. You'll be glad you did.