Sometimes the benefits that a hosted VoIP system provides can seem intangible to organizations.

While concepts like efficiency and data retention on a phone service are hard to mathematically explain, and the hyphenate factor is powerful but subtle in its use, there are often times when hosted VoIP can be a hard sell to the more statistics-minded manager. Luckily, there are some elements that practically sing to any organization that is looking for information on whether or not it should move to a hosted VoIP system or adopt a more traditional strategy. One of those is advertisements that, when clicked, allow customers to call organizations through the Web.Communication Powers Extend into Advertising with Web Ads

Phone calls and preparation
Google research says that 70 percent of customers have called an organization from a web site. This could lead to a huge amount of conversions given enough time for companies to set up their calls in such a way that a customer could easily be sold to. Utilizing these kinds of ads is a new technique for many organizations because it could let them design their website in such a way as to naturally filter or guide users who are ready to make a purchase to their phone line.

Fax takes the stand
It's not just hosted VoIP, but  fax that is also useful for organizations in the modern age, according to TMCnet​ contributor Mae Kowalke. While hosted VoIP has obvious use as a cutting-edge communication technology that makes it easy for customers and employees to stay in touch with each other, the utility of fax is a little more mysterious. It is less obvious to many people, for example, that companies which are unable to fax may have issues with industry compliance. Many legal documents require an ink and paper signature, and nothing but a fax machine can transmit that kind of information. 

Understanding the use of different types of even older technologies is just a part of the job for many modern organizations. Utilizing these kinds of systems is important for ensuring compatibility and easy communication across a variety of different systems no matter what happens to a company in a given day. Through the utilization of these kinds of options, an organization can make a difference in how its employees communicate and lead to better collaboration across the board.