Posted by Jackson Mershon
Contact centers need not fear the future
Many can work together to create powerful client interactions

More contact centers are becoming focused on their customers through the use of modern technology. This is a sign of growth in the industry as a whole, and a sign that we've figured out that the goal of a company whose only job is calling people or being called by people should have good phone manners. Even more than being able to keep from eating while on the phone, call center employees should have strong resources for contacting their clients in other ways. This includes messaging, email and even potentially social media, when appropriate. As more organizations utilize different ways to connect with their audiences, contact centers will too, and this will allow those centers to create something that lasts.

According to TMCnet, the most important way that many organizations can get a  hold over the new generation of people they are calling is to utilize many channels of input. This means talking through texts, email and social media, but it also means being able to handle these newer electronic methods alongside the old style of calling and leaving a message. This older style is important because the planet isn't made up entirely of millennials yet - there are still many people who want to be able to leave a voicemail or contact someone online and be done with an interaction. This is something that many workers will have to get used to.

Technology and training together make a strong workforce
Utilizing strong VoIP technology may be important for contact centers who want to have many ways to get in touch with customers. VoIP is highly useful because it allows for a powerful phone system that can transfer calls easily and automatically bring up other methods of communicating with customers. Coaching and training within this paradigm, according to Envision, is an extremely important part of developing a newer call center, and should be considered a requirement for organizations that are in the process of training their workforce.

As technology progresses on, there will be an ever-increasing proliferation of ways that workers and clients can be contacted. In order to make the best of this large variety of methods, it is a good idea to utilize training habits that engrain new hires with the tools to work with clients through a variety of platforms. This way, those who want everything done either the old-fashioned way or in the newest way possible will be able to get what they want.