Posted by Jackson Mershon
Running a successful business is one thing. Having a great company that also has sweet digs is quite another.Since employees spend most of their weekdays at the office, we tip our hats to those businesses that 
Coolest Office Spaces Evergo the extra mile when it comes to office design. In celebration of these efforts, we've decided to highlight some of the most singularly awesome workplaces out there:
  1. Google. A list of this nature must necessarily start with Google, the large enterprise that basically set the bar as high as it can go for office aesthetics. With workspaces around the globe, Google has gone to great lengths to build some of the most enviable offices in existence. Take a moment, if you will, to peruse this virtual tour of the company's Mountain View office. All it takes is a precursory glance to feel chalk-full of envy. I mean, it looks like these people only have couches to sit on. No wonder everybody looks so blissfully happy. But Mountain View isn't the only hotspot for Google's cool office accouterments. In the company's Zurich office, employees work from hammocks. And in Dublin, people enjoy an environment of industrial-arboreal splendor.
  2. Inventionland Design Factory. With a company name like this, I'd be disappointed if this office were anything less than something out of Willy Wonka land. Fortunately, that's exactly what it is. The office is designed like a treehouse, with that treehouse resting above a kind of moat with unnaturally blue sparkling water. There is also a separate workspace that is the deck of a ship. We would say these guys need to grow up, but that would only betray our own nostalgia for the waterparks of our childhood.
  3. Hootsuite. Have you ever wanted to work at a place you never needed to leave? Well you might want to see if Hootsuite is hiring (we're thinking they're probably not). The social media management company is equipped with both a yoga studio and a nap room, and since those are the only two things we do outside the office, we may just be booking the next flight to Vancouver, where the office is located.
  4. Blob. OK, Blob - or, if you prefer its full name, Blob vB3 - is not itself a company. Instead, it is a futuristic, compact little pod that serves as the ultimate travel-friendly office space. According to Inc, a Belgian architecture firm came up with the idea simply because, well, nobody had before. And isn't that how all great ideas come to fruition? Complete with a kitchen and bathroom, the eminently transportable little repository of Kubrickian splendor is currently being used by a company called XfactorAgencies, which proudly displays its egg office on its website.
  5. Your Couch: Because no matter how many hammocks your company tries to lure you to work with, nothing can ever beat the comfort, convenience and outright superiority of your own home office. Fortunately for all of you who enjoy the singular awesomeness of working from home, this is becoming an increasingly feasible practice thanks to widespread enterprise deployments of UC polices. Because UC allows for employees to be connected to the business system wherever they are, it makes for the easy implementation of a work from home infrastructure. This will allow your employees more time to sleep, more money saved on gas, and will therefore lead to productivity increases across the board.

Here at Fonality, we know that there's one thing that can make any office certifiably cool. It's called unified communications, and if you don't already have it, it's time to hop on board.