Posted by Jackson Mershon
Email-less is the new paperless
Working together maeks business happen.

Utilizing a business phone service that can be embedded within a unified communication system is a far more useful investment for an organization than email. Finding ways to let your employees actually communicate through voice or text in real-time, as opposed to hiding behind emails flung back and forth at each other from their cubicles, makes for a much more dynamic enterprise. While older demands on how information should be formatted in order to be understood made sense as the business community transitioned from paper to digital forms of information, we are no longer burdened by the expectation that data should come in a letter format. 

UC works by allowing business VoIP services and other methods of collaboration to work with each other in order to produce high-quality collaborative environments for employees. This means having access to a variety of different ways for workers to get information to each other quickly, without relying on old standbys. Forbes' recent article on a company that did away with email entirely goes to show that there are methods of communication open to users that are simply better than the old ways of doing things. Email doesn't need to be a part of every worker's schedule - they can simply talk to other employees as they need to, when they need to, and get information relevant to their jobs quickly and easily through that system.

Old and new meet in the middle
In order for the best possible practices to come out of the new solutions provided by technology, we have to look at a variety of industries. A recent trend has been the use of cloud assets to provide services for many organizations, including hotels, according to CIO contributor Bob Violino. Creating the right kind of environment for workers involves using many different technologies together in order to create a space that works for them. Sometimes that means kicking old styles of thinking to the curb and investing in what allows employees to be more mobile and efficient.

As time goes on, we will see that organizations that are able to find seamless methods of interaction between employees will turn out results that make them more highly successful. In order to do this, it is of paramount importance that they are given the opportunities to work together without old barriers in the way.