Posted by Team NetFortris
Understanding the fundamental differences between the old style of business phone systems and the new is as simple as comparing user experiences. The lines of communication in organizations used to be sprawling, Byzantine things. They were works of technology made more powerful by their complexity. Their ability to strike terror into the hearts of the technology non-proficient was a warning against all who would dare oppose them. They did what they wanted to - if you wanted to speak to someone, you had to call their phone, which was located in their office, which they had to sit by. Supplications to these dark masters of communication involved the memorization of complex numbers made longer through extensions. Now we just use cellphones and computer phones.

SIP trunking solves all of these problems by letting businesses automate their phone system in such a way that calls can be sent to phones plugged in to digital lines, through a network, or even sent to a mobile phone, according to PCWorld. Anyone can reach everyone without the need for leaving voicemails that get replayed into empty offices. The old powers that once bound workers to desks, stuck staring at objects and waiting for them to ring no longer have power. We can now call people who we know are at Starbucks, not at work, who we know are sipping a latte and trying to enjoy themselves. We can even make these people then look up something on their phones while they're just trying to get a moment's peace and quiet. We can do all of these things because of SIP trunking and business phone systems.

The future is slightly more convenient
It appears that we may have, in retrospect, traded one inconvenience for another. We have at least made it easier to collaborate. While we used to be tied down to an office for hours at a time, at least we could count on actually being inaccessible when we went to the nearby coffee shop. This is the price of progress. Now, though, you can call everyone you need to while you're in the office, so that you don't have to plan your day around staying in another hour because some other business on the other side of the world works on different time standards and won't be in for another couple of hours. The powers of modern day business phone systems are powerful - perhaps more powerful than we realize still.