Posted by Team NetFortris
Whether a small business succeeds or fails in the long run largely hinges on how well its office is run. Sure, the product you're selling or service you're providing is crucial, but without a solid enterprise organizational system to back that up, you'll invariably find your business floundering. Therefore, we suggest you follow these steps to create the most cohesive office environment that you can:
  1. Implement a unified communications policyNot having a UC policy in place is like going out on a canoe without an oar. With so many forms of business communication out there, you're bound to be pulled every which way if you don't have an organizing instrument in place that keeps you on the right path. A UC solution is that instrument. By organizing the disparate systems of communication your office uses, a UC solution eliminates all communicative hassles and makes leveraging different modes of discourse as easy as possible.
  2. Let people work from outside the office. Counterintuitive as it may sound, one of the keys to establishing the tightest-knit office out there is allowing people to work outside the office. According to an NEC infographic, millennials - who, we might add, are projected to constitute half of the workforce this year - are a highly tech-oriented generation. In fact, around three quarters of them point to technology as the catalyst for an easier life. By embracing the technology that millennials so enjoy and allowing them to tap into the office via their mobile devices, your office will project the kind of forward-thinking stance that will attract more workers. And by encouraging employees to venture outside of the office for work, you'll also guarantee that the sphere of your business's influence will be broadened. 
  3. Take to the cloud. Your physical office space can only be as organized as your virtual space, so make sure you ensure the greatest virtual cohesion possible by migrating to the cloud (if you haven't already). As an industry infographic points out, the cloud not only makes your business more visible, but also creates a great ease to the process of collaboration. Since effective collaboration is part and parcel of pretty much every company out there, having a galvanizing force like the cloud can only be a good thing. If you're not already in the cloud, the prospect of virtualizing your company infrastructure might be initially intimidating, but it will pay off.

Last but not least as far as efficiency goes, we'd highly recommend allying your enterprise with Fonality and seeing what we have to offer!