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Keeping your power on is important.

Cloud-based networks are driving growth for companies across the country for those that can stay powered on. Hosted communication providers are highly useful for many organizations because they take much of the trouble of setting up networks away from companies, selflessly taking upon themselves to do the gritty technical work. This service is useful, as we all know, but it is also important for most organizations to understand the ways that a VoIP company can't help them. At the end of the day, a VoIP provider can do everything right but must still work with the client they're helping in order to make their solutions function.

A fundamental flaw many organizations have, according to a recent article on NoJitter, is their wiring. Being sure that phones have their own, separate, power source is important for conducting business even if there is a temporary black out. Without power going to the systems on phones, an organization can find itself stuck with no way to make contact with anyone else. This can be a huge disaster when dealing with clients or in other regions, and in today's fast-paced business world, more organizations are global from the moment that they're founded. It is not just a good idea for companies to set up an alternate power source for their phones, it is practically mandatory.

No longer just sitting by the phone
Those that successfully keep their phones on have been seeing an amazing increase in productivity, which has resulted in the unified communications market continuing to grow. It's expected to reach roughly $10 billion over the next six years, according to a market forecast from Frost & Sullivan. This kind of powerful speculation isn't founded on baseless optimism - it's just the way things are. UC firms are making money hand over fist because they are able to predict the problems the ways that their phones will be used. In order to keep these systems up and running, organizations need to play their part. As long as a company can perform the simple task of providing power to their phones, UC can help them make their employees more efficient. 

If you want to be a part of the global information revolution that is effecting companies that have invested in UC, you're in the right place. Just make sure that your technicians set your phones up so that they are on a back-up power grid, so that you can call someone to tell them that your power's gone out.