Posted by Team NetFortris

Even the best of us make mistakes. Occasionally, organizations that even run much of their business online have to deal with the fact that they can't keep everything secure. In order to deal with these problems, it is best that IT managers use software that can be fixed remotely by operators if those organizations want a chance at fighting back. Communication is vital at all times, whether you've been hacked or not. In order for workers to stay together and collaborate with each other on important business matters, they need ways of keeping connected.

Probably the greatest example of how badly a communication system can be taken offline by a cyberattack is the recent Sony hack. Sony had four major motion pictures leaked along with many of its internal memos and emails. This kind of hack is increasingly common, but some organizations are targeted more heavily than others, according to Business Insider. Back in 2011, Sony was hit by a different group, and had its online servers controlling its entertainment software network taken down. In the wake of the attack Sony employees and C-level executives have been using fax machines to exchange internal office memos and writing with pen and paper. The severe damage that the organization has sustained as a result of this has continued through its current day affairs.

Staying safe in the digital age
Understanding how to develop a secure framework for every single communication that a company goes through isn't a necessary skill for IT managers anymore. Simply taking advantage of hosted VoIP can let an organization automatically have highly secure, encrypted data transmission of voice chats. By working with an organization that already has the expertise necessary to create a system that won't get brought down easily, companies can make the entire process of developing a piece of software that works for themselves much easier. 

It may be likely that security will become a top priority for many industries. According to No Jitter contributor Matt Lautz, security will be very important for call centers in the wake of many other cyber crimes that have gone off recently, including JP Morgan, Home Depot and Michael's. Contracting out to experts who can set up hosted VoIP for call centers and others is one way to make sure that communication lines can remain open in the case of a breach. By working with those whose job it is to keep things safe, an organization can better protect itself and any confidential information it might handle.

Moving into the future is always difficult for business. There are many variables that have to go exactly right in order to make a given business plan a success. However, thanks to the many ways that organizations can work with experts to help them now, it is a little easier than before. Finding the way forward is about making fewer mistakes than anyone else - listening and consulting with the best is a great way to do that.