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This was once cutting edge

Understanding the way that progress happens is an important part of any industry. When considering upgrading to unified communications, many have to consider the fact that some old technologies, while still functional, are no longer enough. The old saying of, "what the farmer doesn't know, he doesn't try" is useful for the kind of world that farmers live in - living season to season, desperately hoarding food so that a family can survive through the winter months. Modern times call for modern answers, and the goal of being lifelong learners and eagerly embracing better ways of doing things is what separates the businesses of today from the subsistence level existence of our great-great-great-great-great-grandparents. 

According to Andrew Prokop, the cost of using old phones can be severe when newer systems are better. This is because the newer ways of communicating that exist now are not only more reliable, clearer, mobile and more convenient, but also cheaper. This means that any organization that is still stubbornly clinging to the past in terms of not adopting UC is, among all other negative features of non-adoption, also losing money. This kind of resistance to change is sadly common, but it will can have a very detrimental effect on an organization

The numbers speak for UC
New research by MarketsandMarkets says that the mobile unified communications and collaboration market will be worth $17.3 billion by the end of the current decade. This has to do with the widespread adoption of the technology and its ability to easily replace existing phone systems with a superior version. Many different types of UC solutions, like Session Initiation Protocol, are being used to help business VoIP systems have a chance to infiltrate every organization, allowing many different kinds of ways to take advantage of the features they offer. A deep level of market penetration speaks to an ability to meet a variety of needs cleanly and easily.

The tide is shifting, and soon it will be those who have not adopted UC who will be in the minority. There is simply no reason not to - you would have to be stubborn or foolish at this point not to get on board with the modern era of progress and move to a mobile network. Those old phones can still retain their value somewhere - as antiques for children to look at and play with, or as a sign of how the more things change, the better off we are.