Many common VoIP problems can be solved with voice management solutions

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Most common problems with VoIP systems can be avoided or handled with voice management solutions.

The affordable, flexible and scalable benefits of VoIP have enticed many businesses to deploy an all-IP infrastructure.

However, while companies using dedicated business VoIP can encounter reliability and voice quality issues, all of these problems can be addressed with a voice management solution.

According to the report, a common problem with VoIP is a missing connection, even when there is a dial tone. Other common problems include voice quality, echo and reliability. However, possibly the biggest VoIP business communications issue that network managers face are broken speech and dropped calls.

Fortunately, most common problems with VoIP systems can be avoided or handled with the visibility and control offered by voice management solutions, says the report. Voice management solutions provide end-to-end monitoring and management for VoIP and unified communications. This enables engineers to proactively remove gaps, silos and other problems that can appear after a deployment. These tools give businesses the visibility and control needed to ensure clear and reliable VoIP.

According to Research and Markets, strong subscriber and revenue increases have positioned VoIP for secure and significant growth in the United States.