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When a term like unified communications is thrown around it can be hard to get your head around exactly what it is and what it does for a business.Google LogoInstead of launching into a dense discussion of what constitutes a UC policy, we thought a good way to illuminate some central UC benefits would simply be to present a series of scenarios that are made possible via robust business telephone systems: 
  • An employee from a small company goes to China and seals a business deal with a client via her cellphone. As CIO Insight contributor Samuel Greengard points out, a UC strategy presents one of the fastest means by which companies of all sizes can globalize operations, since it makes tapping into the business phone system an option from BYOD devices like cellphones, tablets and smartphones. This means that the age of small and medium-sized businesses being confined to their geographical location is quickly coming to a close. With a robust UC policy, any company can send its workforce anywhere in the world and know that business interactions will be carried out expeditiously and securely.
  • An employee at an office in New York starts up a teleconference and employees from Pittsburgh, New Delhi and Beijing all beam in without issue. For offices with legacy phone systems, the prospect of a teleconference is either not a feasible thing or something carried out with a significant degree of struggle, encumbered by constant lost connections and other unforeseen problems. UC system does away with the hassles associated with such exchanges and paves the road for cohesive communications across company lines, according to TopTenReviews. 
  • A worker at a firm with a new UC policy finds her workday ending an hour and a half early. It's no secret that a strong UC program will eliminate a lot of extraneous time from the average employee's workday. A salesperson, for instance, will be able to quickly connect with new and prospective clients via IM, teleconferencing or any other of the quick connectivity features that a UC strategy enables. Such innovations go a long way toward eliminating burdensome tasks for the typical worker, which helps boost both overall productivity and employee morale. 

Now that you've read about the clear benefits to UC, we're guessing you may want to look into options for your business. Do not fear - Fonality is here