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Back in the age of Don Draper, everybody punched into the office in their crispest suit and weathered the 9 to 5 storm at a company desk. But those days are over, and frankly the business era we've moved into is a far more productive - if somewhat less glamorous (and less inebriated) - one. Google LogoThanks to unified communications solutions, bring-your-own-device policies and work from home solutions are becoming increasingly common at offices across the country. And if you thought working from home would present a detriment to office culture, we're here to tell you you're sorely mistaken. Here are some fast facts about the virtues of working from home:
  • One-third of companies these days are permitting their employees to punch in from home base semi-regularly. 
  • Three out of ten people working from home do so in their PJs, according to a CareerBuilder infographic.
  • People experience a 10 to 20 percent boost in productivity from their couch, according to a Splashtop infographic.
  • Splashtop also reported that 8 out of 10 employees are able to have a better sense of general equilibrium when they're permitted to work from home. You know what stability means, right? Better work. 

Also, here's a quick list of things you won't have to worry about - and therefore time you'll save - when working from home:

  • Choosing an outfit other than pajamas.
  • Filling up the car with gas.
  • Commuting - and may we add that in an age when the normal commute time comes out to 1.5 hours a day, that's a lot of time saved. 
  • Having to run to Starbucks, since your coffee machine's right there.

Whether you're working from home or in the office today, we know you want to make your workday easier. So visit Fonality to see how that can happen!