Key Factors to Consider Before Deploying Unified Communications

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As more businesses adopt unified communications solutions, certain trends and factors are growing in importance. According to the recently released Pearlfinders IT Index, mobility, video, reliability and security are all key considerations for businesses considering a shift to UC or hosted PBX services.

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By 2013, companies will need to consider mobile support with any cloud communications deployment, according to the Index. Mobile devices are projected to be the most common device for connecting to the internet, and at least one-third of the global workforce is anticipated to utilize smartphones or tablets regularly. As such, any company looking to migrate to UC now should ensure that the services it considers support mobile use.

With any communications implementation, network reliability and security is a primary concern. Companies have to ensure that a system is accessible for employees, yet secure enough to transfer and store private information. The balance between open communication and security can be simple though with the proper system, and no business will have to sacrifice integrity for productivity.

Ultimately, any business will have to balance the needs of the company against the technology that it uses. Evolving resources for collaboration and communication will push a business towards the newest systems, but a clear goal should be set in order to make that transition as positive and beneficial as possible.

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