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Staying in touch means keeping track of all of the small pieces of a business.
As workplaces continue to modernize, many are looking at communication enhancement methods. VoIP is here not only to make it easier to communicate, but also to make it easier to transfer information safely. While sending a hologram of yourself sending out a distress call may have worked for Princess Leia, few organizations have the time or technical capabilities to build a pair of bumbling robot sidekicks. Instead, focusing on finding a business phone system that utilizes hosted VoIP while making sure to take care of the security side of things is a more realistic approach to long-term data security. 

The technology behind VoIP has changed fundamentally with the rise of the cloud. Because internet speeds are so much faster than they used to be, the idea behind how people use VoIP has changed. It is no longer about building your own infrastructure, but about renting out a service provided by another organization, according to TMCNet contributor Michelle Amodio. What this means for companies in the long run is the rise of more applications that are designed to be easily adapted, so that  customers? can use the solution simply without having to spend as much time in training. Instead, these training sessions can be devoted more to other regions that may need attention, like security.

Security and communication
Understanding how to make your communications strong and safe is always critical in any business. While many organizations are only now beginning to understand how important it is to encrypt their email, more savvy groups are currently in the process of securing their VoIP and IM software as well. This is done, principally, through encryption software, which can protect your data form being picked up en route to another user on the same network. However, there are yet further ways of making sure that your systems are secure, according to No Jitter contributor Zeus Kerravala, who is also the founder and principal analyst with ZK Research. This is important because without the knowledge that your information is not being sent out into the big world by itself without security, it can be difficult to know what information has been leaked. 

Understanding the need for cybersecurity in the context of communication through hosted VoIP and other elements of business phone systems isn't fear mongering: It's a necessity in the modern day. Utilize the strongest security systems you can to keep your business from being attacks is the most powerful way to keep your company going strong.