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Small and large businesses should all consider what they have to gain form utilizing hosted VoIP. This has benefits both for call centers and traditional services, and there are some elements that can add value to companies that aren't traditionally technology oriented.Allowing for faster communication through VoIP connects everyone faster

For example, a conversational speech interface can let a company take orders and book flights without having to bring up a program, according to No Jitter contributor Gary Audin. Just by dialing in to a number, someone could requisition supplies or report the numbers of a new sale. This frees up time for everyone involved. Employees don't have to learn complex new software, and no one has to sit around waiting to punch numbers in to a machine. In this way, these types of interfaces can bring people much closer to the dream of an automated office.

This obviously has benefits from large to small organizations. While a large company could reduce its logistical overhead by having requests for certain things be handled by a phone system that can be dialed into by anyone in the company from anywhere in the world, a small business can get by without increasing its staff. The value of both of these points is that they drastically reduce the costs involved for either group. When small organizations can punch above their weight due to assistance from technology it enables them to be drastically more efficient.

Why VoIP for small businesses?
Many smaller companies don't immediately use VoIP because they are unable to see the benefits. While this technology can bring strong advantages for organizations that are willing to use it, its effects can be hard to sell to smaller organizations, according to TMCnet contributing editor Laura Stotler. This has to do with those start-ups not knowing about the fact that VoIP can let them gain all of the benefits of more incoming and outgoing phone connections while still costing less than an analog phone service.

The benefits clearly outweigh the downsides of learning a new piece of technology. Thanks to the variety of options that are out there for new companies, it is easy to find a hosted VoIP provider for any group. With the power of easy communication and better phone service, companies can make money without worrying about the boring details of communication data. Focusing on essential elements of business while outsourcing IT labor is a way to keep a company moving forward.