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Everyone texts these days. Put it to use for your business.
Who calls each other anymore? Text messages are the reigning king of day-to-day communications. Walking down the street, odds are that you'll see more people with their heads down sending out a text than looking straight ahead. It's no small wonder that more people aren't bumping into trees.Google LogoMobile messaging is useful for more than sending out selfies or emojis of adorable monkeys, though. Businesses increasingly are putting texts to work for many of their communications needs - and, believe it or not, some people can even go more than three texts without saying "LOL."

Why ppl r getting moar from their txts On the consumer side, text messages are the new normal. Mobile messaging open rates are now going beyond 99 percent, according to a SinglePoint study. Furthermore, 90 percent of all texts are read within the first three minutes of being received. Compare that to emails that can sit in someone's inbox for what feels like forever, and the benefits of SMS in unified communications become clear. 

Another survey of over 500 business professionals conducted by HeyWire found that two-thirds of those polled said they are using text messaging for all sorts of office communications. 73 percent of them send out texts for internal purposes, and 51 percent text their customers, sales prospects and other external contacts. Thirty-seven percent of those surveyed said they almost never even check their voicemails anymore. 

"Text messaging is a critical driving force for productivity and collaboration in the enterprise today - text-based conversations, NOT mobile marketing promotions and alert notifications," wrote HeyWire CEO Meredith Flynn-Ripley for No Jitter. "It's the missing piece of the UC stack that most didn't even realize was missing in the first place."

Txts + VoIP 4ever
While it's easy to see the advantages of text messaging over email in many cases, UC strategies work best when you combine SMS with VoIP telephone systems. This way, you're getting the best of both worlds.

Send out a quick text to your clients confirming the time for your scheduled audio conference. Then - whether from the same device you sent that text from, a handset business phone or straight from your computer - each participant can hear each other clearly over cloud-based telephony. You've just shaved a whole lot of time off this process by combining the speed and accessibility of mobile messaging with the collaborative capabilities of VoIP phones.

Now if only you could get that one co-worker to stop texting you pictures of his food, you'd be golden.