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Here at Fonality, we rule that UC is good for all lawyers.

When it comes to practicing law, communication is key. From establishing trusting relationships with clients to scheduling meetings with witnesses to swapping case advice with colleagues, the legal profession demands a robust system of communications. That's where unified communications can make a world of difference for any law firm out there. Here are some of the central benefits a firm can expect by switching to a UC-enabled phone system:

  • Never have a busy signal. If you work for a law firm, then we don't have to tell you about the importance of establishing client-based trust. A large part of that trust hinges on availability: When the client calls, you should be there to pick up. For someone retaining counsel, few things can be as disconcerting as hearing a constant busy signal when trying to get in touch with your lawyer. As Steve Adams pointed out in a piece for the Wyoming State Bar, the enactment of a phone system for your law firm can prevent this problem from arising
  • Keep the office connected. Adam Mlynarczyk discovered firsthand how a UC system can turn into major forward strides for a law firm. As a leader of the firm Koontz Mlynarczyk, LLC, Mlynarczyk decided one day that the time had come to adopt a more sophisticated phone system. That's what led him to Fonality, and we provided him with a system that offered more benefits than he could've imagined, including the ability to stay constantly in touch with his colleagues.

"If I get a call for my partner, I can immediately see if he is on the phone," said Mlynarczy, who counts himself as one of our many satisfied customers.

  • Conduct meetings with ease. As a lawyer, odds are you're spending a pretty penny driving yourself to and from court all the time, and are looking to conserve your time spent in transit. A UC solution can play a big part in achieving this goal by cutting out the need for in-person meetings through the easy deployment of video conferencing. While it may be necessary to get everyone in a room on occasion, the majority of meetings can likely be conducted via video feed, thereby saving everyone involved not only money spent on gas, but also the time it takes to drive to a physical meeting. 

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