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More of this, less driving.

Many of the new opportunities afforded to businesses by the advent of cloud computing are primarily thought of as direct benefits to the organizations using the cloud, but many of them work for employees as well. Some fundamental elements of cloud computing can allow for unprecedented freedom of movement even in jobs that have traditionally relied on in-person interaction, or at the very least clocking into a specific place in order to work. Now even call centers are utilizing stay-at-home options for employees so that they can craft hours that fit their schedule while allowing them to still maintain productive call volumes. 

The use of a cloud phone system to directly benefit the lives of workers is a useful choice for companies who want their employees to stay with them. There is a powerful benefit many feel when being allowed to work from home indefinitely, and the promise of highly flexible hours can be an excellent way to capture the millennial workforce. Unlike other types of benefits, this direct quality-of-life improvement can also have immediate results for the organization, according to TMCnet. It is possible, through the use of a comprehensive work from home program, to outline schedules for workers that let them simply log in to the calling service later in the day when there may be more call volume while not dictating the shape of their day. This means that a workforce can have much more overall flexibility in terms of when they come in while still avoiding the problem of not having enough people available to staff phones during peak periods.

The cloud and the commute
The benefits of a workforce where naps can happen on one's own bed three feet from where work happens cannot be overstated. This is one area where a cloud phone system can carry equal benefits for both supervisors and the employees making use of the technology, reported iTWire. An opportunity to relax and work without having to worry about commutes can make it easier for workers to schedule employees to take calls at different times of day without disrupting their schedules. Mobility in the workforce is traditionally thought of as the idea that employees could be working with each other while on the way to different things, but the use of cloud hosted services to bring call center offices in to workers' houses proves that it can be used to keep them from having to go anywhere.