Posted by David Scult
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Look at all of your data

Finding the best way to make your marketing team rise to the top has more to do with business analytics than anything else. In order to see that your cloud phone systems is really doing the work that it needs to do, Safeco Insurance marketing director Chuck Blondino recommends that you track some specific metrics that help businesses determine where and how they are making their clients big money. Some of the items listed here may seem like common sense, but much of what isn't recommended is also important, as not all commonly followed data points are actually that useful to most businesses. 

New items and origins
Knowing not only what new business items are in place, but how they got there is an extremely important part of doing sales. Many groups easily keep track of how many new deals that they are doing, but they are less able to finesse the finer points. Whenever your organization is called, make sure you ask the caller how it is that they heard about you. Sometimes it is cross-sell efforts, referrals from clients, from print ads, from social media - there are many different categories that they could have learned about your business from. In order to do the best, you will have to understand how it is that your customers reach you, so after a couple of weeks of asking this question, make a list and sort this data out into categories.

Positive leads
Business 2 Community contributor Laney Dowling pointed out that finding out how many leads went on to the next step is ideal for understanding what parts of the market are actually going to wind up taking your offer to do business with them. In order for that to happen, take the total amount of leads and divide it by the number of leads that went to the next step in your sales process. If you do this for every lead that a customer might go through to connect with you, you paint a very compelling picture of the way that your business directly interacts with the community. 

If you are interested in using some of the key data points mentioned here, you are most likely a savvy enough businessperson to understand the necessity of a cloud phone system. Here at Fonality, we make sure to offer the best, most up to date cloud phone systemcloud phone system available, and we simply will not be happy unless you love it too.