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If unified communications were a golfer, it would no doubt be a winner.

Tiger Woods won't be making an appearance at this year's Masters, so there's no telling who's going to walk away from the famous golf tournament looking fresh in a green jacket (those are in style, right?). CBS believes Ryan Moore is the front-runner to take the whole enchilada, but we think that, if it could hit the links to work on its golf swing, unified communications solutions would be able to be the next Tiger - minus the whole, well, you know.

Why? A great golfer not only needs to have a solid long drive to get to the green under par, but also a fantastic short game once he or she gets there. Since VoIP systems and other UC solutions are scalable and adaptable to whatever your business actually needs, this kind of flexibility would be no problem for the technologies.

The UC drivers
If your company is looking for a hole-in-one package, UC can include too many features to name here. In particular, for businesses with a lot of remote employees, your best bet is tricking out your infrastructure with some new communications tools. Get every staff member to join a unified instant-messaging platform and hosted PBX that allows them to dial their clients from anywhere, using just one universal number. If you have a lot of fairway to cover, there's no end to the ways UC can improve your long game - in fact, it can downright revolutionize the way you think of doing business.

The UC putters
Let's say you have a tiny office with a small workforce who can shout easier than they can IM. New communications technologies can help you too - just take a look at what your needs are and tailor your UC plan to meet them. If your clients all like to fax in documents, an office VoIP system can automatically convert those to emails for you to read and reply more quickly. If you spend most of your time traveling for business, invest in some audio and videoconferencing solutions. The difference between a good golfer and a great one lies in their short game. Make sure you have the specific tools necessary to get your job done more efficiently. 

Seeing as the Masters aren't letting technology systems join their little club, there may not be a green jacket in unified communication's future. But given the incredible amount of flexibility and versatile nature of these systems, UC would make for a well-rounded golfer on par with Tiger.