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The good news about technology is that it is always changing, so there are always opportunities to take advantage of new developments. Google Logo

Due to adoption of mobile phones by many UC providers, the concept of unified communications has become even harder to pin down. Is UC limited to cloud-based replacements for business phone systems? Should UC involve many other types of messages? What kinds of communication falls under UC, and should all types be included in order to make those platforms more reliable? Who knows! IT's a mess of ideas and different types of potential, and there will likely be several UC companies that all make their movements toward unique definitions as times goes on.

A recent article talking about this issue at TMCnet​ by contributor Michelle Nicolson has said that security is an issue for some organizations that are now trying to cover many different types of communication in order to achieve some new broad definition of what UC is. 

The central problem behind these kinds of discussions is that they miss the point of the cloud: providing clients with strong business phone systems that will work in the future and save them money. This kind of core mission statement of UC has not changed even as the business has gone through something of an awkward adolescence as it tries to fit as many different types of networks under its roof at once.

Cloud systems get more definition
Although the consumer-level workarounds sometimes used by workers who don't have UC are common - Google Voice, Skype and other pieces of software - that doesn't mean that there still isn't a market for UC that does everything and puts it all in once place. Businesses need to have archivable video and voice chats that live alongside text communication to make collaboration easier and make the whole system work better for themselves. The point of UC is not just to make it so that a possible type of communication can happen, ​it is also to have it easily documented and referable, so that anything that is said can be on the record and used further down the road as the needs of the business dictate. UC is not just about making a phone service work, it is about making an entire area of communication networks function for a business. This crucial difference is the distinction between bad and good UC providers.