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Even sleepy workers can stay in touch with UC.

One of the problems of modern work is that people are always working along different internal schedules. Some people naturally perk up in the morning, ready to go to work and start their day. Others hit their stride later on in the afternoon and are only really ready once they've put the morning behind them. The thing is, both of these types of people have to work together, which can make it difficult when one picks up as another one winds down. To make matters worse, many Americans are short on sleep to begin with, according to Central Maine, which means that both of these groups are probably not operating at full capacity to begin with. Luckily, unified communications has the ability to make this constant trouble many people have with getting their schedules synced up a little bit easier.

This may be one of the reasons that so many business are adopting cloud communications for their business phone system. According to a recent press release by Sonus, three out of four companies have currently adopted UC. This huge increase indicates that there is (and has been) high demand for these businesses in order to create something that works for them. Thanks to UC, night owls and early risers can leave each other the messages they need to whenever they want, and rest assured that those important pieces of communication will get to them when they are ready to respond.

Communication and collaboration allow all types to work together
Fundamentally, the difference those who work best early versus late is small compared to the drastic differences in location that companies can now surmount thanks to UC. Time and physical space have long been barriers to communication. Letters, faxes and email have all attempted to bridge the gap of thought between one person and another, but nothing does it quite so easily, elegantly, and quickly as unified communications. Without the need to stamp a letter, send an email or call a phone, UC provides quick effective messaging that can reach people wherever they are. If you want to sleep in and still get important data from the early birds in the office, or want to get up early and still get required information to those who don't perk up until the afternoon, consider cloud communications for your business phone system.