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Connect your office to everything with VoIP

Every year around the holidays thousands of newborn children are placed on the laps of mall Santas across the United States. And, like clockwork, approximately 70 percent of children will burst into tears at the terror of being placed in the sudden care of a strange, bearded man. Although children rationally should love and respect Santa as a bringer of gifts and spreader of cheer, they simply don't have the information necessary at that age to not be scared of him. Similarly, managers can be afraid of transitioning to a new hosted VoIP business phone system. New things are scary, and the familiarity and warmth of legacy phone systems keep many people from taking the plunge on a new way of working with communication technology.

Understanding why this is so important to companies has to do with looking at the way that they save money in the long run. Thanks to the low TCO of business phone systems that utilize hosted VoIP, organizations can spend far less while maintaining a very high standard of service to their employees. According to Alisen Downey, IP platform technology can make it easy to work in new office locations while still keeping them informed as to the actions of the organization as a whole. Because VoIP naturally supports mobile and remote workers, it can be the platform of choice for organizations that work with many millennials. This new workforce is used to handling various elements of computer technology in their day-to-day lives, so it is easier to get them to make use of the benefits of VoIP technology.

VoIP and the future of a company
As children continue to develop, they begin to get over their fears of the white-haired, bearded man sitting in a mall chair and realize that he can be the ticket to getting what they want. Hosted VoIP lets organizations get as much as they used to, while getting more robust features, easy mobile compatibility and rapid scalability. There is no situation where a hosted VoIP situation will be unable to do something a company might need it to do. Thanks to those things, it is absolutely the way to go for companies seeking to modernize their phone service. Groups that are ready to take a step into the next generation of phone utilization would be well-served by a host VoIP business phone system.