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Stuck at the airport? Don't worry, that's nothing a strong UC system can't handle.

A look at unified communications systems in practice helps to illuminate how truly valuable they are. Therefore, we assembled this list of potential disaster scenarios, and how these crises can be averted by using an effectively deployed UC system:

  • Your kid is sick on the exact day you have to give a business presentation. Oh, and to top that off, your wife is on a business trip herself, which leaves you solely responsible for your child. Going to the office today is out of the question. You've got to be home with your kid. But that presentation ... With a UC system, you can have the best of both worlds, acting as caring father and diligent worker at the same time. That's because a good UC system makes it easy for your telepresence to be known via highly flexible and accessible videoconferencing options, according to Unified Communications Strategies contributor Art Rosenberg.
  • You're stranded at the airport waiting for a plane that was supposed to deliver you to the office hours ago. Fortunately, you have two ingredients that will ensure that you'll still get your work done: a personal computing device and a Wi-Fi connection. Since your office is equipped with a solid UC-as-a-service system, that's all you'll need to get plugged right into your cubicle, as Wired contributor Brian Ferguson pointed out.

"Working remotely has many benefits for both employees and employers," he said. "UCaaS provides many tools that make this transition easy and allows everyone to be as productive from home, a hotel room or a Starbucks as they would in the office. UCaaS gives remote workers mobile applications, seamless connectivity to in-office employees, and the full suite of UC features that employees in the office enjoy."

  • You're the boss of a company that's rapidly expanding and are worried about the strength of the phone system. Oh wait a minute, you don't have to worry, since your business invested in a UC system. Sure, with legacy phone systems, the joy of expanding a company would be somewhat offset by the work required in changing the company's phone system to accommodate the elevated phone traffic. But because of the scalable nature of UC, a company can grow to any size and not have to worry about its communications infrastructure falling behind. UC always keeps pace.
  • There is a major flood and the office has to be closed for two weeks. There was a time when a situation like this could lead to a business closing its doors, or at least suffering major losses. But that time is gone thanks to UC strategies, which ensure that a company can maintain functionality through remote work even if something as damaging as flooding impacts the physical office space. Businesses can rest easy with UC knowing that work will get done regardless of the weather.

Here at Fonality, we're always finding ways to make your business run more efficiently via UC. Check us out today to prevent future communication-based problems from arising.