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Get the results you need on the road.

Insurance agents are used to walking down lonely roads, far away from their co-workers and other human contact. But, not every salesman needs to have as quiet and desperate a life as Willy Loman. With hosted VoIP, he could have stayed in contact with his boss, his co-workers and his family very easily. Communication technology continues to make day-to-day life easier for workers who must travel. Previously, work had to be done in the office, so those who had to wander for weeks or months at a time doing sales calls could eventually grow tired and be saddled with large amounts of paper work to do at the office. Thanks to hosted VoIP, though, you can get your paperwork done on the plane ride and just be with your family when you're home.

If there's anything that communication technology does best, it's connecting remote workers to their business while they're mobile. Beyond just a hosted voice suite, insurance workers can fill out forms, review updates or changes to sales sheets, and stay as informed as possible while they're on the road. This dynamic change allows people to work much more efficiently, which can mean shorter hours. Plus, video services make it easy to know exactly what someone is saying, without having to decipher a terse, poorly punctuated email.

Get leads on your sales targets in advance
Collaborative software can make it easy for an insurance agent to update specifics on given clients swiftly, which lets them stay in touch with their company and let them know what has changed. By allowing everyone involved to work with each other in real-time through every step of the process, UC prevents mistakes from being made during a sale. In addition, it is possible to sign up clients and add them to a database as point-of-sale with many modern software setups, allowing for instant gratification on the part of the client. In doing this, UC and hosted VoIP makes it easier for insurance agents to illustrate how quick and painless the process of signing up for insurance is. 

In addition, VoIP allows for a company to have business continuity, according to TMCnet​ contributor Susan Campbell. This means that it is much simple for an organization to stay in touch with workers outside of contexts when it is easy to do so. Snow storms, torrential rain and other environmental factors can't impede the communication of these kinds of devices, making ​it easier for everyone to understand what they should be doing. For many agencies, the transition can be as simple as contacting a hosted VoIP company getting set up with them.

No one lives to work. Everyone wants to be invested in their job and be fulfilled by what they do, but at the end of the day you want to go home, not be stuck in the office while your kids grow up. With remote communication technology inherent within hosted VoIP, you can finish up odds and ends back at the ranch, not downtown. At the end of the day, technology's supposed to make like more convenient, after all. Nothing says "we've made your life better" like going home exactly at 5 p.m. with a clear conscience.