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It's your turn to try VoIP

Why do businesses of all sizes favor VoIP? It probably has something to do with the incredible price mobility, and ease-of-use options that don't sacrifice sound quality. Because traditional phone services tend to be much more expensive than their VoIP competitors, they would usually drum up the notion that VoIP would somehow be less effective at carrying sound through data - as though people weren't constantly listening to digitally formatted sound in their iPods, movies and radio stations. The old notion that poor voice quality and VoIP go together is demonstrably untrue. In recent times, VoIP has become the number one go to for many small organizations and ones even larger.

According to VoIP Monitoring Zone, VoIP is becoming increasingly popular among small businesses. This is because mobility, which tends to be much more of an issue for small teams, is much easier for companies with VoIP systems. A VoIP phone can provide the same phone number to access the same employee in a variety of different locations. Mobile phones can receive VoIP apps on them, allowing those working with them to talk to anyone, anywhere. This kind of utility was simply impossible before the rise of the Internet, and that is available so cheaply now it is a business miracle.

What kind of future exists for VoIP
So VoIP is currently trending, but does it have any longevity? Maybe Oxford University can shed some light on that subject. According to Diginomica, Oxford recently signed a deal that will replace the university's current services with a Unified Communications platform that offers support for a variety of processes, including VoIP. This forward-thinking move proves that even the oldest institutions around can still use VoIP in order to get the very best out of their current situations. Because a hosted VoIP system is so useful to so many different kinds of groups, it is unsurprising that universities and other special interest organizations would switch to it.

As UC and VoIP continue to dominate the current conversation about communication, it is nice to see that many different kinds of businesses can profit equally from these technologies. VoIP has the potential to be a great leveler in terms of efficiency and cost between large and small competitors, as it allows smaller ones to get things done with more rapidity and mobility, and will give larger firms the chance to iron out their communication.