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Find ways to spend more time here instead of the office.
Ah, the dawn of summer. It elevates the spirit. It cleanses the soul. And it makes you really, really hate a day at the office. Heck, we don't blame you. It's not that the office is bad - it's just that the beach is better. This brings us to an important topic of conversation: expediting workflow. You may notice there's that one person in the office - perhaps she even sits at the cubicle next to you - who's always managing to leave work early. Not because she's slacking off, but because she's managed to get everything done with time to spare. And so she leaves and goes to a warm place, a sunny place, a place for people who finish their work early. 

We know you want that employee's secrets. And though we may not know her personally, we have a pretty good idea of some of the things she's likely doing that make her day go faster. Follow these steps, and you too may find the rest of your Fridays at 4​ p.m. planted firmly in the sun. Here's what the Hyper Efficient Worker (HEW) does to get there:

  1. Takes full advantage of a company's unified communications strategy: A UC strategy isn't just there for the head honchos. It's there for you, the men and women on the ground, to make your lives and work easier. The HEW has already realized this. While you're thumbing through the latest game of 2048 on the subway to work, she's got her cell plugged into the company network, and is already setting up a videoconference with a client in China. By the time she gets to work, the Chinese client is already logging into the network, and they're talking (virtual) face-to-face before you've gotten your crappy office coffee.
  2. Eats food for energy: For lunch today, you were going to go to Chipotle but only made it as far as Wendy's. Oh well - there's always dinner to prepare a healthy meal and make things good again, right? Wrong. If there are any meals that need to be carefully selected, they're the ones you eat during the workday. Forget coffee - if your diet's not on point, you're going to be catatonic by 1 p.m. While you are seeing if you can actually finish a Fish Filet in two bites, the HEW has taken Cooking Light's advice and prepared a lunch of polenta and brown rice, with some edamame on the side. While you're sinking in post-meal ennui, she's riding a wave of productivity that only slow digesting proteins can provide. 
  3. Considers other people: Time Magazine made headlines with its characterization of the current workforce as the "Me Me Me Generation," but while the moniker may seem unfair, it does have some basis in factual evidence (like, for example, the statistic that instances of narcissistic personality disorder are three times greater for people in their 20s today than for the 65+ generation). The HEW has considered that a certain selfishness may plague her generation, and she's decided to subvert that. She goes out of her way to see if other people need stuff. Far from being a ruthless climber, she is always looking out for everyone else. Unfortunately, this is a rare quality these days. But because of its rarity, it's something the boss will surely notice, especially when promotion time rolls around. 

We may not have recipes for the best energy foods here at Fonality, but there are still a lot of ways we can help you and your business. Check us out today.