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This could happen to your communication system.

Hurricanes are the top of no one's list of favorite things, but they can cause absolute headaches for anyone who is involved in the upper level logistics of running a business. Between the way that hurricane systems can delay flights, close down highways and otherwise greatly disturb business operations, they may represent the number one early fall threat to businesses operators. So, what is the best threat against this coastal menace? Buying all of the bread and milk in the grocery store? Boarding up windows? The real answer is, of course, your VoIP service.

VoIP beats hurricanes
When dealing with shipping routes, the scheduling of meeting, and other logistics-heavy tasks, there is nothing more useful than a cloud phone system. Because VoIP brings together many different types of communications, the sometimes-frantic dialogs that emerge while a business is in disaster recovery mode are all streamlined into a conversation that is easily accessible from any device. A VoIP system can allow someone who has had to leave a building because of an emergency situation to respond to staff and reconfigure business plans on the go, minimizing downtime due to the disruption, reported TMCnet. By creating a situation where a manager has kept the staff from losing as much time as they would, organizations that invest in a cloud phone system ultimately profit.

Looking at pictures and listening to words
A major way that VoIP can help deal with disasters before and after the crisis is over is by facilitating better communication, reported No Jitter. As humans, we process much more of what we see than what we hear, which means that conventional communication functionally must shift from just mouth lips flapping at each other compared to the fully-featured presentation that is video. When we understand each other, we communicate more easily, which means we collaborate better. Simple, yes? The more you can actually understand when someone is saying something to you, the better you can respond to them in a real way.

A cloud phone system brings workers together by allowing them to use the benefits of VoIP while making the infrastructure more mobile and secure. There's nothing anyone has to lose, unless you really miss listening to disembodied noises come from one end of a phone line. Otherwise, video chat, send texts, and get stuff done quickly and easily without needing to run to the office. That's the promise of cloud phone systems.