Posted by Jean Fang

Tags: Insurance

As an insurance agent, your telephone is the powerhouse of your business. While sending an email, liking a post and texting are efficient, agencies need and want more to build relationships with customers and employees alike. 

If you're an insurance agent still rocking a beeper, it’s time to re-think how you communicate.
Is your insurance agency still rocking a beeper?

Yet many agencies haven't updated one of the easiest ways to do that -- their business phone system with unified communications.

As you grow your business, a single business communication platform has many benefits. You can reduce overhead costs, add mobility solutions and stay constant contact with your business and employees.

Isn't it time your business phone solution worked for you not just worked?

  •         Increase productivity
  •         Improve customer service
  •         Improve collaboration
  •         Leverage mobility
  •         System integration
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