Posted by Team NetFortris

Have you ever cleaned a room so well you actually lost a few items in the process?

The continuous workplace organization happening in companies is producing the same effect. With each new program added to their desktop, employees spend more time logging in and out or finding things instead of getting actual work done. Enterprises shouldn't be so quick to introduce the next best thing to their workforce, and instead focus more on how to unify those business applications.

The fragmented workplace

It's easy to see why well known solutions like Slack or Dropbox are brought into the fold; it's far easier to drag and drop a file or send a message instead of their physical counterparts. The issues begin to crop up when there are 10 or 20 applications like them in play. This is compounded when you realize that the average enterprises utilizes over 900 applications on the cloud for various aspects of daily operations, according to Inside Big Data.

This emerging trend led to the startling finding that just 3 per cent of respondents actually saw an increase in productivity when using productivity software, Enterprise CIO reported. One of the reasons behind the revelation was that employees became more distracted with the sheer amount of applications at their disposal. When they're not trying to transfer information from one database to another, they multi-task on multiple systems to the tune of few discernible benefits.

A digital platform to break down silos

There's a growing disconnect between management and staff. While the tools provided to the latter are certainly useful, the way in which they're leveraged creates the opposite effect of what was intended. It's time that collaboration became less individualized.

Unified communications platforms offer businesses the ability to centralize information and the applications that use it through a single interface - also known as the Heads Up Display. It sheds the fragmented feeling that each employee is using a unique program because all staff members are on the same software that connects to the business phone system.

By eliminating the need to use multiple, disconnected applications, personnel can focus on utilizing the ones they do have to their fullest extent. This includes all the modern office essentials: video conferencing, chat, file sharing, presence notification and even voicemail transcription

It's not the programs that are hurting employee productivity - it's the way they're presented. Bring your workplace together by talking to a NetFortris representative about unified communications today.