Posted by Steve Carman

Many people who are used to running their own small business keep their receipts by finding some small box they can file everything away in. This "shoebox" mentality toward record-keeping can extend all the way up to the top of major organizations, according to TMCNet. Understanding your own personal shoebox and why it isn't a useful strategy is an important part of growing with your organization and taking on new challenges. As more advanced technology for dealing with various aspects of running a business becomes available, those that don't adapt wind up losing out on the gains that everyone else is making.

Adopting the cloud and the applications like hosted unified communications suites that make managing a business easier is an important part of this process. Working with something like cloud VoIP and doing similar elements of design are important for keeping a business producing on all cylinders. When a business owner is spending his or her time working on every element of a business at once, it can be very important to take the time to make those processes easier. Using powerful tools that keep you working quickly is a crucial element of staying competitive. One important way to understand how your business is adopting is determining whether or not your IT department is working with or against your company.

Keep Your 2015 Budget out of your Shoebox


IT and company health

If an organization's primary mode of operating is pleading to the IT department and then having them fire back yes or no responses, that organization is not going to adapt flexibly. Companies need to have technology that is powered by their workers and managers, and this means that the IT department needs to have an open ear and heart toward the things that consumers want. By allowing everyone involved in a  company to say what they need from the organization, it can be much easier for them to make use of important technology sooner. According to TechRepublic, the most functional company structure is one where everyone in the company is able to talk about the future of the organization and the IT department functions as a store.

Don't be limited either by ignoring new tech developments or by being intimidated by your IT department. The benefits of sticking to what you know are always outweighed by the increase in efficiency that can happen when you work with the newest tech to realize potentials you hadn't seen yet.

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