Posted by Kristen Cruz

Tags: Phones & UC

Unless you're in California soaking up the sunshine, chances are you remember last winter only too well - it was the winter of the Polar Vortex, and the icy season more than lived up to that scary title. For businesses of all types, extreme cold can have repercussions that go well beyond the winter season. A KSTP report points out, for instance, that because the cold weather last year damaged Christmas tree crops and limited the supply, trees selling this year will be more expensive. Not what we want to hear this time of year. 

Clearly, weather and business are closely tied - and your company should have the tools to reflect that. Unfortunately, too many organizations out there don't take the proper precautions when it comes to gearing up for a crazy winter, and that can lead to business impediments such as downtime, unavailable workers and ruined merchandise. In order to make sure your small business is up to snuff when it comes to this winter, we've decided to assemble a checklist of the most important resources to have:

1. A well-organized remote workforce: Hopefully your business is already on its BYOD game, but if not, now's the time to start. As a company, equipping workers with the tools to work remotely such as HUD Web and HUD Mobile, doesn't only benefit those staffers - it also directly enhances your operation. Let's say, for instance, there's a major snowstorm that leaves 30 percent of your staff boarded up in their homes. If those employees have company access to HUD Mobile via their mobile devices, then they can still communicate with their team, route their calls and answer those calls and much, much more. It's no wonder that almost three-quarters of companies that institute BYOD report a direct rise in efficiency, according to this TrackVia infographic.

BYOD Infographic - Bring Your Own Device

2. An online meetings system: You're the head of a small company, and you've just had a great meeting with a prospect out in Boston. You can't wait to tell the rest of the business when you get back. But with a major storm system heading in, it looks like your flight is delayed 24 hours. If you have a convenient online meetings system like our video collaboration tool at your disposal, then the plane delay will be no impediment at all, since conducting a business meeting about your trip is as simple as powering up your computer, logging into the airport's Wi-Fi, and getting a meeting going. 

3. A phone system that's more than a phone system: In the dead of winter, the last thing you want in your office is some traditional phone system that's only going to allow you to place calls and maybe send a fax or two. No, you're going to want something that's features-rich, since only a well-equipped system will have the weather resilience necessary to brace another Polar Vortex. With a Fonality business phone system, for instance, you get remote phone use, which means calls can be made whether you're in the office or stranded in the snow. You also get conference calling, which means that for those days when 10 inches of snow prevent you from opening the door, you can still run your planned conference from the comfort of your home office - or couch. And don't factor out advanced call forwarding, which can ensure that even if your company is forced to temporarily close its doors for weather-related reasons, incoming calls will still go to the right place.

With these tools in place, a major snowstorm doesn't have to signal a huge loss of time and money. Prepare your business for the worst winter has to offer and you might even have the extra time to make a snow angel or two. Let us help you prepare. Chat with our business phone system specialists now.