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Naughty or Nice? 5 Ways to Hit Your Budget BenchmarkEnd of year means “use it or lose it” time for many annual budgets. You could stock up on pallets of sticky notes and call it a day. We’d like to propose some more interesting ways to divvy up those dollars before the ball drops in Times Square.

#1 Puppy Party Fridays (Naughty)

You may have missed out on Uber Puppies earlier this the year. Luckily, other companies have stepped up as professional puppy providers. Unless Bettie in Accounting hasn’t had her allergy meds, we’d be hard pressed to come up with a better way to show your team you appreciate their hard work. Studies have shown puppies provide great stress relief.


#2 Update your office technology (Nice)

From laptops missing keys to phone systems that take up an unreasonable amount of real estate where you’d rather have storage for those sticky notes, end of year is a great time to upgrade your office technology. You can’t beat now for great deals on hardware and software that can improve employee and customer experiences with your organization. (Ahem! Check out our December Savings Event…)

With so many key office functions moving to the cloud, opportunity abounds whether you have unused capital budget or prefer to keep things on the expense side. For example, Fonality’s customers can purchase equipment or rent the phones, routers, and/or servers for their custom business phone system. Look for the option to pay monthly or go for an annual plan for added savings and a lighter budget in 2016.


#3 I dub thee royalty (Naughty)

We’ve all seen managers whose egos require a little extra care and feeding to go with their positions of power (Not at Fonality, of course). Here’s a way to become teacher’s pet for 2016.

For only $300, the Sealand government welcomes outstanding leaders to take on the mantle of royal titles such as “Lord,” “Countess,” or “Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Sealand”.

“Count Lumbergh” has a nice ring to it.

We dare you to get that expense report approved, though.


#4 Team Building Events (Naughty or Nice?)

Whether you go “team building” or “company-funded holiday” defines whether this is a good choice for surplus budget. A trip to the paintball park may seem like a good way to blow off some interoffice tension. But no one knows if Steve might show up in a full ghillie suit with paint grenades. Maybe an extended, family-friendly four-day cruise to Bermuda would be a better way to bring everyone together. 


#5 Help Out a Nigerian Prince (Naughty)

Sure, you may not have much experience in the investment market outside of watching your mutual funds and mortgage accrue interest. Never fear. That Nigerian Prince emailing you clearly offers the king of opportunities- and he needs your help.


Sometimes it’s hard to make the responsible decision, especially when puppies are involved. Avoid temptation and prepare for 2016 by rounding out that budget with tools to help you succeed in the coming year.

Think you have an exciting (or funny) way to spend your budget? Tell us about it in the comments!