We at NetFortris stand ready to assist all customers and partners now experiencing personal and business life changing events forced by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is times like these that remind us our relationships go beyond that of vendor and client. We are families living and working together in the same communities and must support one another to get through these challenging times.

Case in point: one of NetFortris’s headquarters is located in South Seattle, with many employees and their families living near the original Kirkland, WA outbreak. We have taken unprecedented steps to keep our employees safe and continue to serve our customers the 5-star concierge level we have committed to.

As many of you take the necessary steps to adjust to new working environments, we at NetFortris want to assist in making your transition easier. One way we can help is to highlight some relevant productivity tools and tips included with your NetFortris products. Many of NetFortris’s voice and data solutions are purpose built to assist the remote worker, and now is a better time than ever to get a refresher on these functions. On top of that, these solutions can each be installed in such a way as to not require changes to your home network or equipment. Adding licenses is as easy as an email or phone call, new functionality may require downloading an app at most. Every step of the way, we’re here to help.

Hopefully with some preparation and planning, these tools can help your IT, office administrators and remote workers get to work in earnest on preparing for this phase of uncertainty and change. As always, we are here to assist with your transition, so don’t be afraid to reach out. NetFortris wants to assure our customers that we are here to be your communications partner.

NetFortris HUDWeb – Enables Unified Communications via voice, chat, conference bridges and video collaboration.

  • Custom status messages: Add a custom message to pair with your HUD presence. Let co-workers know what you are up to, even when you’re not in the office.
  • Call routing/Find-Me, Follow-Me: For convenience, use simultaneous call routing to route voice calls to your home landline, cell phone, or home office phone.
  • Upload a custom avatar: Add a face to the conversation! Every little bit can help when you are working from home, including seeing the faces of the people you talk to everyday.

Softphone – Utilize their computer, smartphone or tablet as their office phone reflecting a unified office presence.

  • USB headsets of your choice can be paired with these for ease & comfort.
  • If your home router has traffic prioritization features, prioritize your workstation to improve softphone call quality.
  • Want to still use a physical phone? Utilize HUDweb for remote call control to keep everything at your fingertips.

Zoom video conferencing – Screenshare, video conferencing and virtual meeting solution.

  • Enable your entire office, or simply set-up on a per user basis, such as managers and department heads.
  • Use video to increase face-to-face interaction and meeting productivity.
  • Use our ‘Schedule Meeting’ feature to send participants the meeting details ahead of time.

SSL-VPN Access – Enables secure access to business networks from any computer connected to the Internet.

· Two factor authentication options are available utilizing a smart phone app or physical device as tokens.

Real-time help and additional assistance are always available for activating service or setting up existing services mentioned above. If additional licenses or services are needed to facilitate your business’s efforts, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or our Customer Service group. Most services and even new system implementations can be accomplished within a business day or two. And remember above all: Stay safe, listen to local officials and follow safety recommendations!