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Total_Control_WAN_NetFortris_Press_Release.pngSEATTLE--()--NetFortris, Inc., a leader in secure cloud-based communication solutions, today announced the incorporation of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) into its existing portfolio. 

The offering provides customers more cost-effective, flexible and simplified networking solutions, while addressing the trend toward adoption of secure, cloud-based enterprise applications.

NetFortris’ Total Control WAN solution integrates into the company’s existing networking portfolio, along with any third-party broadband services, to provide customers options for hybrid and full SD-WAN solutions. While traditional MPLS enables private, reliable connectivity for all branch locations, SD-WAN delivers similar levels of security, quality of service (QoS), control and analytics in a cost-effective solution.

“As more and more enterprise applications migrate to the cloud, these mission-critical services place increasing demands on a company’s network infrastructure. Total Control WAN helps overcome these challenges by providing our customers a cost-effective network management solution that optimizes cloud service delivery,” said Steven Horgan, director of product development at NetFortris. “In many ways, software defined networking is redefining the industry and we are excited to usher in this new generation of network services for our customers.”

SD-WAN technology provides enterprises with alternatives for efficient routing of cloud service traffic directly to the internet. This improves application performance while reserving bandwidth for mission-critical data, such as voice. Other benefits of SD-WAN include:

  • Simplified network architecture and deployment
  • Reduced hardware costs and greater overall cost efficiency
  • Improved network management and control

For existing customers, NetFortris SD-WAN augments MPLS deployments by seamlessly integrating broadband access, increasing bandwidth and reducing costs. By integrating with premise-based security, SD-WAN allows service chaining of premise- and cloud-based security solutions. It also provides circuit backup enhancement through active link steering and failover in brownout and blackout scenarios.