NetFortris integrates with Microsoft Office 365™ and Skype For Business

Posted by Team NetFortris

Integrating your offices so that they work together as seamlessly as possible is the ultimate goal of any business owner or IT director. NetFortris has become a top network provider, offering a coast to coast network and helping businesses across the country communicate more efficiently.

However, we aren’t resting on our laurels; we’re constantly seeking to improve our business so you can further improve yours. Our latest integration with Microsoft Office 365™ allows our customers to utilize click-to-call functionality to call customers directly from Office 365 and Skype for Business using your NetFortris phone system. Simply click a phone number anywhere in Office 365 or Skype and your call will connect through your browser. Our integration with Microsoft Office 365™ works on Windows and MacOS anywhere you have access to the internet, and is compatible with Firefox and Chrome.

What is Click-to-Call?

Click-to-call is a productivity game changer for you and your employees. With this functionality, you will have the capability of clicking on a phone number anywhere in an email and connecting immediately to that person saving you and your employees valuable time, everyday.

What Industries Benefit From Click-to-Call?

All the industries we serve can benefit from this integration with Microsoft 365™ and Skype. Kitchen managers in restaurants could be looking at produce invoice on their computer and, with the click of a button, call their produce guy to discuss an error on their invoice or a change to their order. The healthcare industry can benefit from ease of access in urgent situations with patients. Businesses with multiple locations will find this quick calling method highly beneficial to their comprehensive communication needs.

How can you install this NetFortris add-on for Office 365™ and Skype?

We’re ready to help you get this FREE add-on to your existing NetFortris service. Just call your NetFortris internal administrator and ask to add the license, and then download the free application from the correct browser link here. Once you login using your HUD credentials, you can watch your employees’ efficiency soar with your new click-to-call application.

Have more questions? Customer service representatives are on the job 24/7 to help you find exactly the answers you need.

If your business does not have a NetFortris business phone system, contact our sales team today to learn more about our award-winning phone system features and pricing.