HUD144_blog_feature.jpgWith a design strategy aimed at user friendliness, consistency, and usability across multiple interfaces, Fonality continues the transformation of the Heads Up Display™ (HUD) user experience with its latest release.

This release includes the new HUD Softphone, which simplifies the user experience by offering the capabilities to make and receive calls, to set one’s availability and location, and to receive alert notifications without ever opening HUD. The new HUD Softphone is also browser agnostic – so a one-time download will work with all browsers without any additional steps or multiple installs.AllstateBlogCTA.jpg

“One of the things we’re most proud of at Fonality is the long list of integrations that work with HUD,” said Scott Sullivan, senior product manager at Fonality. “For example, HUD Softphone will be a perfect fit for our users who also work in Salesforce. They can power up their machine, let our softphone application automatically log them in to HUD, and begin making calls directly from Salesforce.”

In addition to the new softphone, this release also accomplishes advanced design principles and better usability through greater stability, improved reporting, and a redesigned preferences interface.

“Most enterprise software looks like it was built in the ‘90s, so with this latest release we wanted to provide an experience that aligned more with what users have when they interact with consumer devices—a clean interface that’s intuitive, with nice, big buttons that are clearly labeled,” Sullivan added.

Fonality plans to continue this strategy into 2017 by continually improving the design of its Heads Up Display offering. To learn more about all that Fonality has to offer, click here.