New Spring App Puts Bounce into Mobile Shopping

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shutterstock_146164646A new mobile app called "Spring" is poised to take the world of phone-based shopping by storm by allowing consumers direct access to items they love while minimizing the middle steps, according to the New York Times. This new application is designed to take advantage of the same thing most cloud communications systems do: instantly accessible information. Web-based content aggregators like Facebook, Twitter or Buzzfeed, Spring will allow users to follow the things that they enjoy, but they will be seeing specific brands, not people.

"When brands jump in, it gets awkward," says David Tisch on branding in social media to PC Magazine. Tisch is the co-founder of Spring, and wants it to feel like a one-swipe checkout. The less time spent filling out forms and the more time spent browsing for products, the better, says Tisch.

Other companies also have apps that keep track of user information, of course. Amazon comes to mind as the number one competitor to an application like Spring, but it doesn't do user-curated content in the same way that this piece of software does. It is this specific sculpting to a certain kind of experience that sets Spring apart from most other pieces of mobile shopping equipment, not its reluctance to make its users fill out forms. The software comes out at an opportune time, as Facebook and Twitter have both announced plans to get in on the electronic retailer game by adding opportunities for users to buy thing through their services. It remains to be seen whether or not people will go to other platforms to avoid awkward social media encounters. 

This change in how mobile shopping is done could easily attract customers to spend their whole wallet online without even having to pay for parking at the nearest mall or deal with downtown traffic. Either way, we call that a win. Here at Fonality, we believe in offering the best service with a minimum of interference too.