Posted by NetFortris Team
Bring your own device – known as BYOD – has come into its own. Workers demand greater control over their digital destinies. Business owners and IT managers clamor for cost savings and simplicity in today’s competitive climate. This has made BYOD a reality today for businesses of all size. It’s got the potential to become ubiquitous tomorrow. There could even come a time when mobility supplants traditional enterprise computing in the workplace. 

In this utopian future, gone are the costly, crappy office computers with slow Internet and worn-down keyboards. Our work environments could be transformed to a place populated by our favorite personal devices. This is the age of new office technology.

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

Tablet today, office computer tomorrow...

But just as BYOD policies are evolving at businesses everywhere, so too are the D's themselves. The types of devices in the workplace are expanding beyond the typical tablets and smartphones.

We thought we'd take this post to highlight some of the many technological devices that can fall under the banner of BYOD. We'll start by reviewing some devices that are currently circulating, before moving on to some more futuristic ones.


Smartwatches Are Mainstream

Let's begin with the smartwatch. There was a time when corporate high-rollers wore watches like this:



But that's old news now. A watch that ONLY tells time? Puh-leaaaase. Today, the business watch looks more like this - sleek, awesome and, of course, designed by Apple.

apple watch

While smartwatches are undoubtedly sitting in various offices across the country right now, the Apple Watch promises to change the game by making these devices a big part of corporate BYOD culture. After all, the Apple product is designed with the kind of easy messaging, calling and mail features that will likely make it the go-to companion for everybody who has a wrist. In fact, this move... 

BYOD - Apple Smart Watch 2015 longer means "I'm bored hurry this up" but instead means "Oh yeah that's a fascinating idea, let me loop Gene in on this."

Fabulous Phablets

The smartwatch isn’t the only new BYOD tech that's in offices these days. There are also phablets, which we think are phreaking awesome. If you can't decide between a smartphone and a tablet, the phablet is the perfect BYOD mechanism for you. The popular phablets, with names like LG Stylo and ZenFone 3, promise the functional marvels of a tablet with the compact construction of a phone. It's the kind of thing where if you have one you can walk into an office meeting like, Bam!, because you really do have the power.

BYOD - Phablets

Droning On

Phablets and smartwatches are awesome, don't get us wrong. But here at NetFortris, we're forward-thinking people, and we can't help but consider that for all the BYOD tech currently in the market, there's a whole wealth of devices that have yet to be used or even invented, such as friendly office robot drone helpers. Office Robot Drone - Office Technology
Fanciful as this may sound, it's actually not.

As Property Casualty 360's Laura Mazzuca Toops pointed out, drones actually have the potential to serve as an element of unified communications, enabling video conferences with workers. Now granted, your boss choosing to communicate with you by having the office drone hunt you down may take a little getting used to. By that same token, speaking to CEO Dan via an insect-like flying mechanism may prove disconcerting, but again, you will get used to it, and probably even start to enjoy it. With office drones in our future, what's not to look forward to?! 

With all that said, we at NetFortris are more than excited. BYOD is not just changing the office technology stance but it is in fact, reshaping mobile unified communications. No matter what device you choose, collaboration between your workforce remains crucial. Bring your own device but make sure it still allows you to still work smarter, not harder.