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If you're anything like us, you're counting down the days to your next day off, for obvious reasons. One beautiful day to do whatever you want, whether that be sledding in the newly-fallen snow or vegitating on Netflix (count us among this second group). What most of you probably won't be doing on that day is thinking about updates to your business' mobility solutions, since that falls under the "work" category. But wouldn't you like to reach that free day with the knowledge that you already have a plan in place for enterprise mobility in 2015? To that end, we've put together some tips for getting your office ready for a mobile-heavy upcoming year. Consider these tips now, enjoy your day of rest, and start 2015 off with a running - shall we say mobile? - start:

  • Develop a strategy: As TechTarget's James Furbush pointed out recently, businesses are well advised to consider a strategy for enterprise mobility. This plan should be in place in order to ensure that everyone gets the most out of it and that the solution is as productive as possible. Fortunately, the planning doesn't have to be cumbersome at all, and can actually be quite fun. All it requires is sitting down and looking at the ways that mobile devices will be integrated into daily office life, and then planning accordingly. By planning ahead, you can avoid unnecessary expenditures and wasted time that will inevitably arise as a result of not being prepared. Prepping for a Mobile Workplace 2015
  • Be transparent with employees: A company's leveraging of mobile solutions isn't just something that involves the IT department - it's a move that will impact every staffer at the business. Therefore, any and all discussions about a mobile workplace must necessarily involve all workers, not just the tech people. As company administrators, it's your duty to make sure that everyone is up to speed as far as mobility is concerned.
  • Learn from other companies in your field: Just like any new thing, the prospect of embracing enterprise mobility can be daunting. But don't let intimidation hold you back. In 2014, the number of businesses leveraging mobile apps shot up. According to one study, for instance, deployments of CRM apps shot up by 500 percent in the last year. What this means is that no matter what your company does, there's another business in the same line of work that's leveraging a mobile workplace. Setting aside competition for a moment, reach out to a mobile-connected company in your field and ask them how they did it. They may have suggestions that can help your business as it moves forward with a mobile plan. 

For more suggestions about leveraging enterprise mobility, contact us. We have the solutions and the expertise to help so you don't have to go at it alone.