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Innovative feature among highest rate of accuracy in industry

Fonality, the only business phone and contact center solution provider dedicated to serving small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in the cloud or on-premise, today announces the general availability of Fonality Voicemail Transcription service. This is the second release in the Fonality 5 innovation series – a rollout of new features and products coming over the next few months to help growing SMBs enhance productivity, communicate more efficiently and reduce costs.

Delivering one of the highest accuracy rates in the industry today, this fully automated, state-of-the-art voice recognition technology allows users to read voice messages in English or Spanish through email or SMS text on multiple devices, including PCs/Macs, smartphones and tablets. It is available across the entire Fonality product line, whether the system is hosted in the cloud or on-premise.

Listening to a voicemail is generally considered a time disruptor,” said Rick Bushell, Fonality CTO. “Texting and instant messages are quickly becoming the primary vehicles to correspond with colleagues and customers. With the ability to check voicemails on a customer’s own terms by simply reading an email or text, workflow and priorities are far less likely to be interrupted. The Fonality Voicemail Transcription feature enables customers to stay productive and focused on what matters most to them.”

Customer Testimonial

Poster Garden is a West Coast-based provider of trade show and event display products that relies on timely correspondence to address customer queries and requests in a timely manner. President Travis Rigby is a firm believer in the productivity-enhancing functionality of Fonality’s voicemail transcription.

I never realized how much time I wasted checking and listening to lengthy voicemails until they were transcribed,” said Rigby. “Since I receive hundreds of messages a day, it’s critical to distinguish customers from solicitors. Listening to messages one by one to ensure that I didn’t miss an important call can be a very long process. Now, I can determine the significance of a message via email in a fraction of the time. This technology is a game changer for our business and I plan to implement it with my entire team as soon as possible.”

Fonality Voicemail Transcription transcribes messages to email or SMS text. In addition, the interface displays caller name and phone number, message length and .wav files.

With Fonality Voicemail Transcription, users now have the ability to quickly read voicemails to get information faster than ever and still listen to them at a later time if they choose. Advantages of reading voicemails via text or e-mail include:

  • Time savings from searching for archived messages by keyword and name search

  • At-a-glance notification of caller

  • Ability to quickly return important calls

  • Discreetly scan/read voicemail during meetings or other activities

The Fonality 5 and Heads Up Display (HUD)

The Fonality 5 innovation series continues to fulfill the core vision of the company: to deliver flexible, enterprise features to SMBs at an affordable price. Fonality’s flagship application, the award-winning Heads Up Display (HUD), is a powerful tool that connects phones, email and chat, and incorporates presence capabilities together in one easy-to-access location on the desktop or a mobile device. Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premise, HUD and HUD Mobile features include “Find me/follow me,” which provides seamless connectivity between desktop and mobile devices. For improved productivity, other features include company directory, visual voicemail, virtual conference room access, monitoring and reporting of contact center queues, ring-back and on-the-fly call recording.