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Partnership helps small and midsize businesses engage customers with affordable, professionally recorded phone system recordings

Fonality, the only provider of business phone systems and contact center solutions dedicated to serving small and midsize businesses, and Snap Recordings, the leading provider of professional-quality voice recordings for business telephones, today announced a partnership that provides

Fonality customers with instant access to affordable, professional voice talent for phone system greetings and recordings. Fonality users looking to enhance their customer experience and increase engagement through professional voice recordings can now easily access Snap Recordings through the Fonality Admin Control Panel.

“Fonality is committed to the idea that the best technologies should be accessible to all businesses – large and small,” said Rosemarie Savino, VP Product Management with Fonality. “We’re thrilled to bring Snap Recordings to our users, who now have another tool to help them create a positive phone system experience for customers and further level the playing field as they compete with larger businesses.”

Obtaining professionally recorded phone system messages can present challenges to small businesses, as voice talent can be costly and hard to find. Often recordings must be updated frequently as a growing company’s information changes.

Now, Fonality customers can follow a simple link in the Fonality Admin Control Panel to a customized landing page, where they can choose from among several reasonably priced Snap Recordings packages and more than 80 voiceover artists and 15 languages and accents. On this page, customers can upload their scripts, review recorded announcements and download the final recordings for use in their Fonality phone systems.

Savino continued, “Not only can Fonality customers use professional voice recordings for greeting customers with an auto-attendant and routing calls efficiently, but they can also create visibility for special promotions during hold times – impacting their bottom line even more.”

 “A polished telephone voice recording lets customers know they are working with a professional company,” said Saul Ives, VP Business Development with Snap Recordings. “We look forward to working with Fonality customers to further refine their images and create even more positive customer experiences through professionally recorded phone system messages.”

Fonality customers can access Snap Recordings’ 24/7 services immediately from the Fonality Admin Control Panel.

“Scariest Voice Recording” Contest

To celebrate their partnership, Fonality and Snap Recordings are holding a contest to find the Scariest Business Phone System Voice Recording.  Businesses that complete a form online and provide their current voice recording will be entered to win a makeover package. All participants will receive a 15-percent-off Snap Recordings coupon just for entering. After the October 15 entry deadline, five finalists will be uploaded to YouTube for fan voting on October 21, and the winner will be announced on October 31. For more information or to enter, visit

About Snap Recordings

Snap Recordings provides professional voice recordings that enhance the features and benefits of business phone systems. With more than 80 industry leading voice talents and over 500 music tracks to choose from, Snap Recordings enables businesses to create studio-mastered, professional greetings and announcements in a cloud-based environment that support a consistent, brand-focused image. To learn more go to or call 1-866-721-SNAP.