As cloud technology evolves, new challenges arise—especially for financial services providers. I was reminded of the myriad of concerns that IT professionals in financial industries face when I read a recent report called Five IT Trends Affecting Financial Services Firms published by analyst and writer, Anne Rawland Gabriel earlier this year.

Gabriel asserts that financial services businesses must be shrewd and nimble to fully benefit from emerging technologies, while combating any negative results. Financial firms are uniquely affected as more business transactions and communications are conducted in the cloud. With hundreds of customers in the financial services and insurance space, NetFortris understands these concerns and offers secure cloud solutions to address this industry’s top challenges.

1. Security — Consumers and companies now interact across a wide variety of channels, over many devices. From telephone, to mobile, to online, and across computers, tablets, phones, and mobile phones, businesses must manage and secure a broad network. NetFortris offers security features to meet these needs, including highly secure private MPLS, network, total control security and VPN, secure multi-purpose Wi-Fi, Threat Analyzer, and hosted firewalls. We offer Call-Recording and analytics as well as mobile call recording and analytics for call centers and financial institutions that must make additional efforts to comply with Dodd-Frank requirements.

2. Business Continuity — The NetFortris network facilitates seamless business interactions, combining unparalleled security with high-performance options. Products like Mobile MPLS ensure that financial services firms have access to corporate resources securely—even on mobile devices, without a VPN connection. Multi-Layer protection enables connectivity and dynamic failover for multiple locations, and bi-directional failover ensures the highest performance with enterprise-class reliability. Our advanced cloud backup guarantees that critical data will never be lost.

3. Customer Experiences — Effective network solutions must promote the ability for users to universally connect and collaborate. In addition to customer portals with constant access to network and security data, NetFortris solutions ensure that employees within an organization are able to interact, collaborate, file share, and message. They can enjoy clear voice communications on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, desk phone, across multiple locations and operating systems. With NetFortris tools, financial services customers can collaborate and communicate more efficiently and as a result, provide better service to their consumers.

4. Mobile Workforce — The NetFortris UC platform is an effective choice for busy financial service professionals, providing seamless interactions between customers, co-workers, and contacts. Our UC increases functionality by allowing communications to swap easily over any device and operates over our secure network. It utilizes Secure Multi-Purpose Wi-Fi solutions with industry-specific applications. Financial services companies can trust that interactions are secure and can benefit from built-in solutions for regulatory compliance. We provide assurance when dealing with credit cards and other sensitive information, enabling businesses to achieve certifications such as Dodd-Frank and PCI.

5. Unified Communications --- for Financial Services Organizations — NetFortris bundles services and customizes solutions to meet a client’s specific needs. In the financial services market, our UC solutions integrate with existing applications, security requirements, and business policies. They also work in tandem with other NetFortris solutions like Advanced Call Center to offer skills-based routing and Call Recording and Analytics. This enables financial services firms to record and analyze customer interactions for training and compliance purposes. When customers provide private information over the phone, our Secure Call Center ensures that financial services agents are not able to access sensitive information such as credit card and social security numbers.