UCBlogFeature.jpgResults Show Time Wasted on Communication Challenges can be Improved with UC Solutions

Even though time wasted scheduling meetings, tracking down co-workers and avoiding unwanted sales calls has decreased dramatically over the past 5 years, workers are still losing more than two hours each day to productivity sinkholes related to communication challenges. Since lost productivity can cost companies millions, unified communication (UC) provider Fonality set out to identify trends in how these sinkholes are impacting the workplace and ways productivity loss can be mitigated.

Fonality conducted a series of surveys and uncovered key areas that contribute to productivity loss, including coordinating meetings, trying to reach people who aren’t available and duplicating communication among multiple channels.

According to one of the surveys, 60 percent of respondents reported time wasted when attempting to schedule meetings with co-workers, with some spending more than an hour on the task each day. Compared to a similar study conducted in 2011, the amount of time spent scheduling meetings has actually decreased by 61 percent.

“While we’ve seen significant improvement in productivity, there is still a striking amount of time being spent on communication tasks that could easily be streamlined,” said Jeff Valentine, chief marketing officer at Fonality. “Unified communication tools, such as Heads Up Display™, have increased in popularity, and are almost certainly contributing to the improved productivity. That said, not all UC tools are created equal, and it’s important to find the solution that meets all of your organization’s needs.”

The overwhelming number of disparate communication tools in most office environments has resulted in lost productivity related to duplicating communication, with an average of 27.7 minutes wasted each day. This points to the increased importance of implementing a truly unified communication offering with features like unified inbox, a visual “buddy list,” presence indicators to locate co-workers, and desktop call controls—all of which facilitate real-time collaboration.

Capabilities such as web-based meetings, screen sharing, and video conferencing also promote increased productivity and reduce time spent coordinating and joining meetings, especially when these features are accessible from a smartphone or tablet.

Fonality found that as much as 75 percent of time wasted can be recovered by implementing a cloud-based UC platform, which means a company employing roughly 50 knowledge workers could save as much as $942,500 annually.

For the full results of the study, download Fonality’s white paper, Unified Communications: The End of Productivity Sinkholes.

Survey Methodology: Trends were identified via two surveys written by Fonality and conducted by Google Consumer Survey in May 2015. Survey #1 was completed by 519 individuals who work for organizations with 1-500 employees. Survey #2 was completed by 543 people using the same criteria.